Academic Projects offers an excellent environment for Projects, research and applications in the field of Technical Education. Even though, it is the first year Ascentia is doing excellent and top notch in making the student finish his academic projects with innovation.

Branch Counters
CSE 48
ECE 25
EEE 20
Misc 3
Total 96

and many more....


An internship is:

  • On job training for professional career aspirants
  • Internships are where higher education meets employment; they allow students to gain work experience in an organization while studying college
  • Internship consists of an exchange of services for experience between the student and an organization
  • Internships are initial phases of many careers and definitely prospects for further growth, started with beneficial training
  • An experience that should enhance a student’s academic, career, and personal development
  • Supervised by a professional in the field
  • Almost equivalent to experience letter and can be used to fill the gaps till you score a Job in the market
Total 75


Total number of trained students are:

Total 460